The Joker malware has been around for some time now and it still continues to affect many Android users. In fact, according to a blog post published by Quick Heal, a leading provider of antivirus solutions, the malware has made its way into several apps found in the Google Play store.

malware virus

According to the blog post eight popular apps including the likes of Free CamScanner and Super SMS contain this malicious program.

The Joker malware was first noticed in the late half of the year 2016 and is known for a host of malicious activities. To start with it can get you signed up for pricey subscriptions without your consent. The malware is also known to access your SMS messages and contact list data.

Often the attack mode of the Joker app is similar to how a trojan works. When you download an app containing the Joker malware or its variants, it is quite possible that the app may appear legitimate. However, it contains a small piece of code, thoroughly hidden, which calls in a malicious code component after a period of time. The Joker malware is notorious for its capability to hide under the radar and compromise Android users.

Typically apps downloaded from untrusted sources are often found to be laced with malware. If you are an Android user, you should be careful about downloading apps from untrusted sources. Google Play remains the most secure place from where you can download popular apps for your Android phone.