AirTags from Apple are one of the most innovative gadgets to hit the market in recent years. It allows you to easily track your lost items whether a key, or laptop, or even a jacket that might have been lost on the subway.

Apple AirTag Android Staking risk

It basically uses the huge network of Apple users to spot a missing item(in which you have placed an AirTag). As Apple mentions on its website -“hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices around the world — helps track down your AirTag” .

Now all this is very good for tracking missed items. But it also opens up several issues related to privacy; especially for Android users.

True, Apple has built-in several security features to avoid the devices to be used for ulterior motives. If you have an unknown AirTag moving with you, an alert will show up on your screen. Apple’s support site offers detailed instructions on how to protect your privacy if you do encounter such a situation and insists “AirTag has also been designed to discourage unwanted tracking.”

Stalking Risk for Android Users from Apple AirTag

For Android users AirTags can open up serious issues of privacy. Most low-end Android phones do not come with NFC features and simply cannot track if an AirTag has been placed in the vicinity.

An AirTag is expected to raise an Alarm in 3 days if it is not paired locally with the phone in 72 hours. So technically an Android user is likely to discover if he or she is being tracked in 3 days – however if a stalker has an access to the item he is using to track the person, he can simply pair it.

AirTag stalking can become a nightmare for Android users. It will be interesting to see how Apple addresses these privacy concerns for Android users and reduce chances of unlawfull use of AirTags