Snapchat, the go to messaging and social app for GenZ, has unveiled plans to introduce AR experiences through its AI model which will allow its users to create custom lens from prompts. It would be easily possible for users to transform their looks or background environments based on prompts such as say a noir movie or an Archie comic.

snapchat AI lens

 It also plans to introduce a Gen AI creator suite which would power its AR creators to rollout custom machine learning models and create creative assets to power their lenses. The upcoming Gen AI suite would be a part of its Lens Studio 5.0 release.

Snapchat Remains Insanely Popular with GenZ

Amongst the several popular social media platforms currently in vogue, Snapchat remains the most popular amongst the GenZ crowd. It is estimated that the platform would have close to 50million GenZ users by 2024 in United states alone. Also, a significant section of this young audience is extremely loya to the platform. Its users also tend to follow more celebrities and friends and more engaged. Quite expectedly the app has an huge user base and has achieved over a billion downloads from Google Play store.

What Makes Snapchat Standout

An array of features starting with fun filters or lenses are primarily responsible for making Snapchat click with the younger crowd. Lenses are used to share funny photos. The app is also quite intuitive and additive when it comes to its messaging and interactivity features. The app has over the years also managed to gain attention from brands looking to advertise to with an authentic brand voice targeted at young users. Its especially true for brands looking at a creative and fun approach towards attracting its core user base. The highly successful campaign from beverage brand Fanta is an example of the same.