Microsoft has confirmed that it has worked on all the security patches built by NSA (National Security Agency), which the tech brand previously refused to deal with. Microsoft confirmed these details with ZDNet, that it has revered the exploits. The company also told ZDNet that these hacks were only affecting systems with older operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.

These attacks have once again pushed the company in the court of data security. However, this time they were able to deliver instant results. Microsoft has also warned its users to steer clear from such destructive cyber attacks. Just last month Microsoft faced a ransom ware- based cyber attack.

The company recorded millions of vulnerable systems, which are in potential danger because of such attacks. They warned users to detect their systems of any malware like key-loggers and banking spyware, to restrict these hackers from creating an internal breach in your network.

Microsoft has upgraded its operating system, in order to expose the vulnerability of your system, which can help users to stay away from the wild. However, Microsoft hasn’t directly commented about NSA being the culprit behind these exploits, but has confirmed through a blog post that NSA’s hacking tools were involved in these breaches.