Gearbox, recently announced its collaboration with a re-seller G2A, for its collector edition Bulletstorm. G2A has built a negative image over the years, in the gaming world, and has also been subjected to criticism over lax security, making cash at developer expense and enabling fraud. Gearbox’s, partnership with the fraudulent game brand is garnering criticism for the company.

G2A’s reputation has gone from bad to worse in the last few years, as multiple YouTube gamers and streamers have backed out of its lucrative ad deals. Gearbox’s decision to collaborate with G2A has come as a shocker to everyone, especially in a time when every reputed brand and name is closing its doors for the game. Several fans and games have blown up on Gearbox, through websites like Reddit, Twitter and NeoGAF, criticizing their decision to tie up with the gaming brand.

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G2A claims to have increased its security interface, and  people still find it hard to digest, given the reputation they have been having for years now. They are desperately working to clean their image, their partnership with Gearbox, might turn out to be a blessing for G2A. However, we can’t say the same for Gearbox, who has taken a risk, pushing itself in the mud.