Nintendo entered 2017 with a good start. With its new Switch, selling out everywhere in the world, the company plans on taking over the mobile gaming world next, with its classic game Mario. Four key things about the management of Nintendo you should know about are:

Learning from past mistake

A lot of credit for Nintendo Switch’s success goes to its marketing strategies, which have improved from Wii U console. They used adults instead of kids to promote the console, which is smart, considering young adults are most intrigued by these consoles. They plan on bringing Xbox and play station users back to gaming console.

Third Party Developments

Looking at the ongoing demand of Switch, Nintendo plans on adding a third party development software on its gaming studios, to record their gaming experience. It supports both Unreal and Unity, which are the most popular third party developers, thus providing strong online environment to its users.

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Steady Game Release

Nintendo is choosing to go with a steady pace, while releasing games on the console, this will hold the users, as well as attract new users to device.

Increased Audience Reach

This steady game release strategy plays a key role in attracting all age groups to the console. The brand can launch games which will interest users from different age groups, to bridge this demographical gap.

We can only be sure about Nintendo strategy, once it’s set and done. However, looking at its current demand, we might want to take some marketing lessons from the company.