Ever felt annoyed at the strange key shortcut for rebooting the system, ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’? Congratulations, Bill Gates feels the same about his own combination. In a recent interview in Manhattan, the billionaire icon revealed his annoyance towards the complex reboot process and he jokingly admitted that if it were in his hands, he would time travel and would come up with just one key system to open task manager or to reboot the system.

The initial idea behind the tiring combination was that the engineers didn’t want the users to accidentally press some key that may lead to an unexpected reboot, so they purposely kept the combination with distant keys. With the passage of time, the trick became popular and annoying, and Bill Gates didn’t step back in accepting his mistake and called this combination an unnecessary mechanism. He made similar remarks back in 2013 at a fundraiser event at Harvard University that he initially didn’t like the combination but he kept it anyway.

The IBM employee, David Bradley, who came up with this frustrating combination was pretty determined with his design. It seems like the shortcut was not supposed to be in the users’ knowledge but with time, it just became unusually common. Bill Gates also expressed that he didn’t really grab the mobile market when there were opportunities and accepted that their strategy was a mistake.

It would be interesting to see if the Windows plan to make changes in the ways a User reboots the system because to speak the truth, pressing ctrl + alt + delete for rebooting is too much of efforts. Windows should rather come up with one key solution or two key combinations at best. Windows 10 is improving its interface and doing necessary changes for the next major update.