Recently, Google got rid of over 40 apps on its Play Store, after they discovered that these accounts were quietly prompting users to click on random ads. Some of these apps had over 36 million downloads, which raises the question of data security on Google Play.

This is said to the biggest ad fraud Google has ever witnessed. It is probably also the most successful malware in terms of downloads from an official store. These reports were revealed by a security firm ‘Check Point’, that Kiniwini, a South Korea based company has implanted an illegitimate ad function in 41 different apps, which mostly comprised of games.

This blocked the Google’s Bouncer from detecting this adware, from the store, which was unable to pick up the features, during or after the download. The firm was making over $300,000 per month through these ad clicks.

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Check Point also pointed out that Kiniwini apps, were displaying a large number of ads, which at times didn’t leave users with any other option but to click on the advertisements, which eventually helps the fraud company to get their revenue using these false means. Data Security is becoming a major concern as software’s are not able to detect these spam apps. Google hasn’t commented on any such allegations by the Check Point, or these apps’ disappearance from the Google Play Store.