Now Users can Test Apps on Google Play before Downloading Them

Google’s mobile store has brought in the features of Instant Apps. However, this feature has only been launched in a few places. But the g, od news is that now curious Android users can test any app before installing them. Wouldn’t you want to test out a paid app before investing in them? Well now through Google Play Store you can.

Google feels this can potentially increase the sales of paid apps on the Play Store, as users will be well convinced to invest in the apps after testing them. Google is a building an advanced Instant Apps feature in its Play Store, using a “Try It Now” button which will allow the users to run test that app before installing them.

Users just need to tap on this button and they will be able to test the app. Only a couple apps have been labeled explicitly as Instant Apps as of now, but the number is expected to increase by the end of this year.

Image Source: Google Play Store

Play store is also making a few other tweaks. Google has revamped it games sections, including a area for trailers and new and “Premium” or paid games. Plus they have also redone the Editor’s Choice area, which is up and can be accessed in 17 countries around the globe.