Microsoft Family Safety App is now available for all, on both Android and iOS platforms. The software was in limited preview from some time, is essentially designed to help parents control the online behaviour of their kids and develop healthy habits online.  

The app is capable of limiting screen time of kids to individual app and is likely to come very handy for parents. For example parents can allow longer duration screen time on educational apps while restricting usage time on gaming apps.

We have tried out the Android Version of Microsoft Family Safety App and here’s what we found

Neat User Interface

The Microsoft Family Safety App sports a neat clutter free interface which is easy to operate. To create an account you need to use a Microsoft account and then follow the onscreen instructions to set up the app. To add a child you would have to fill in his or her details along with mobile number. Alternately you can add an email id for the child account.

Microsoft Family Safety App

Location Tracking and Map view

The apps ask for location info and elegantly shows them on a map view. This is a handy feature if you wish to know about your child’s location in relation to yours.

Microsoft Family Safety App location sharing

Intuitive Screen time and Content filter options

Microsoft Family Safety App content filters

The app allows you to effortlessly place content filters on your child’s internet activity including web search.  By default it allows Edge browser and blocks mature website and inappropriate web searches on Bing search engine.  In fact you can ensure browsing compliance by blocking all other browsers and asking your child to use Edge only.

Screen time limits can be extended in appropriate time blocks of say 15 minutes or 30 minutes etc. as you deem suitable.

Microsoft Family Safety App screen time

Sync options with Xbox and Windows

One of its coolest features is its capacity to sync restrictions across Xbox, Windows and your Android device. This can ensure that the gaming time limits enforced by you cannot be skipped by starting the app on another device in the house.