The much awaited Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC would be available in India from 18th August at starting price of just Rs 3999.  This latest iteration of the prodigal Flight Simulator game builds upon its long 38 year experience to offer a stunning realistic game play.

Micorsoft flight simulator india 2020

In the standard version you get the chance to try your hand on 20 planes and around thirty different airports. It offers your several unique flight models, fly over a mind boggling number of cities, picturesque landscapes and oceans. In fact the simulator offers an array of planes including wide bodied jetliners to small private aircrafts. The detailing is simply the best you can find in any home flight simulator.

One of the Most loved offerings from Microsoft

Flight Simulator is one of the most loved offering from Redmond based software behemoth. It has countless fans who swear on it for its near real flying experience and latest addition is all likely to add its impeccable reputation. There are many salient aspects which makes this simulator all the fun to play. To start with it offers customization for cockpit body, layout and even allows you to change aircraft textures. It also offers you a complete realistic environment by showcasing detailed ground scenery and including AI driven traffic. Further you can fly in different weather conditions across both night and day. In fact it offers you the chance to activate live weather mode to get details on real time weather including wind speed and rain etc.

For those of us who have previously played this game, it is an exciting chance to relive old memories. To Pre-Order the game just open the Windows Store on your PC and search for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. To get a quick look at the simulator just checkout the Pre-Order Launch Trailer available on YouTube