Digital Foundry, a subsidiary branch of Eurogramer, seems to have gotten their hands around the latest Microsoft Xbox. They are all set to announce the exclusive details about the tech titan brand’s upcoming project “Scorpio”. Surprisingly, Digital Foundry have pinned a date and time to do so, which is Thursday, April 6, sharp at 9am ET.

Looking at their past reviews, we can say that Digital Foundry is not a Microsoft fan, which makes this exclusive announcement a lot more interesting. A locked down time and date only suggests that Microsoft’s Xbox team has tagged with Digital Foundry to gain more publicity for the device.

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In their previous reviews of Xbox One, they went on to declare it was way inferior to PlayStation 4. They have also performed a comparison test to prove exactly how bad its system and RAM bandwidths are. Microsoft’s collaboration with its brutally honest critics suggests that either the company is very confident with its Xbox or is very desperate for promotion.

The latest Xbox is estimated to forgo the 32MB block from the last model. Some basic information was revealed about Scorpio, in E3 last year, however further details can only be confirmed once Digital Foundry uploads its review. However, we can definitely trust their review, as they are known for their brutally honest opinions.