Despite making amazing sales the whole year Nintendo Switch was not able to outdo the sale record of PS4, but not anymore. Nintendo has finally surpassed the sales of PS4, becoming the best-selling gaming console in the world.

Thanks to the release of the best-selling game Splatoon 2 on Nintendo, that helped in instantly fueling the sales of the console. However, on a report published by NPD, Sony’s PlayStation is still going to remains as the best-selling console in the world on a year to date basis. Meaning the Sony console is soon going to get back in his initial position in no time.

Reportedly Nintendo made sales worth $182 million in the US in July, which rose up to 29 percent when compared to last year’s sale in 2016. Unfortunately for Xbox One hardware developers, their product doesn’t seem to be standing anywhere near in this competition. Now a report on Piscatella also claims that these Nintendo sales are likely to increase by the end of this year, taking the revenue up to $1.6 billion, showing an increase of 20 %. This can get worrisome for Play Station, who used to dominate the gaming world just a few months back.

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NPD report also included the cost of other accessories and game cards, which can potentially help the company in generation annual revenue with a 9 percent year over year increase by $129 million. Piscatella, NPD’s Analyst also agreed with the reports stating that accessories play an important role in fueling the overall sales and the total revenue for these gaming consoles, which deserves to be included in the list. Currently, Gamepads and accessories for both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo Switch play an important role in driving their earnings growth.