Last Weekend, people were finally able to catch some of the most Legendary Pokemons in the game. However, it didn’t happen in quite the way the developers might have intended.  Due to a technical disaster in Pokemon GO, last week trainers were unable to properly operate the game, some trainers even tried traveling miles to catch Pokemons, but nothing worked.

But during this time, developers launched Lugia and Articuno in the game, which were caught by thousands of trainers around the world. This incident also created buzz for Pokemon GO, which led to its increased use in the past weekend. Now it is being reported that mascots of Team Valor and Team Instinct Moltres and Zapdos respectively, will also be entering Pokemon GO soon.

Apparently, while users can take their time to catch Lugia, as it has been in the game for quite a while now, Articuno is will be available for a limited period of time only. So, you better hurry up. Articuno will spawn on 31st July Monday, and it is being speculated that it is going to be replaced by Moltres, which will be available in Pokemon GO from 7th to 14th August. We are not sure about what more Pokemons will be launched after them, but this sure will hype up the lost popularity of the game.

Pokemon GO

There are still many legends left to be explored from the current Pokedex. We recommend trainers to team up with other users if they want to catch these Pokemons. John Hanke, Niantic CEO apologized for the technical error and revealed these details in a blog on He also talked about the unofficial Pokemon GO after-fest, which allows players to spill in the city and catch these newly released Pokemon. He concluded the blog promising that trainers will be able to experience more legendary events and able to catch more variety of Pokemon in the coming future.