In recent past the popularity of (Virtual Private Network) VPN apps in India has skyrocketed. Much of this can be attributed to content restrictions as people are using VPN apps for accessing movies and other content that do not show up in India.

However there is very good reason for using VPNs and that involves securing your privacy. You would especially not want share your connection details when you are performing business activity or playing an online game.

Top vpn apps for android in india

Let’s at 3 Top VPN Apps for Android in India in terms of Popularity

VPN Master

Currently amongst the top in popularity charts is VPN master which claims to be completely free app and offers stable VPN. It makers claim to offer a fast VPN service which can encrypt all your data and protect your privacy.

Speed VPN Pro

Amongst the most popular VPN app by downloads in India, the Speed VPN Pro boasts of delivering professional level VPN services. It is quite easy to use with not much configuration required to start using it. It claims a significant geographic spread with a huge number of servers and professes capacity to deliver high bandwidth.

Free VPN Tomato

Close on the heels of leading players, the Free VPN Tomato app is gaining significant popularity in India. It claims that it has servers across more than 60 countries and its network allows you block restricted content from different geographies. It offers an interesting feature wherein you can choose certain apps to use the VPN while allowing certain others to bypass the VPN and access the Internet directly.

Apart from these leading players there are host of other apps that are available on the Google Play Store for you to checkout.

How to Choose a VPN App

Just because a VPN app is free or is widely downloaded, it doesn’t automatically guarantee your privacy. One must do due research before choosing the correct VPN app. More importantly if one plans to use a VPN for businesses, one should consider high end Paid VPN apps that have been in the market for years.