Samsung recently revealed its new Windows 10 tablet at the 2017 MWC, which is ready to take over Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which has been highly praised for its performance and user interface. Samsung didn’t reveal any price details or release date for the tablet.  However, the company did announce that the tablet will be available in 10.6 inch and 12 inch variants. They are estimated to be cheaper than the rival Microsoft Surface books, which can be a great selling point for the company.

According to a recent article, the smaller variant will cost around $629.99, and the 12 inch tablet will be around $1,129.99. Sadly, both these tablets are supported by Wi-Fi only. Another LTE version is priced at $1,299.99.

These Tablets will be available for pre-order, from 21st April. You can place order for LTE model on Version. While the Wi-Fi only versions will only be sold by Samsung and few selected retailers, including Best Buy, who will also sell the exclusive Black color models. There is still a month left for its release in the market.


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Samsung Windows 10 tablet is likely to take over Microsoft Surface Pro, primarily due to its low price and high efficiency