Digital Assistants’ and voice activated speakers are like the modern version of annoying, old Microsoft paperclips. However, the world of Voice assistant is gradually changing which makes us wonder about the future of Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa/Echo and Microsoft Cortana.

These Assistants run on artificial intelligence that delivers a detailed, personalized solution to its users based on their web search. These web giants aim to track all activities of the user, from home screen to connected cars to work or surfing on the phone.

Apple launched Siri back in 2011, which was acknowledged by Google. Soon Google, realized that it is the future to use internet search. Since then Google has been trying to stay one step ahead, launching AI related upgrades and its 2014’s Hummingbird, which aimed to offer a more human search experience. Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon all have invested hefty amounts and resources in AI engines and machine learning. The trend was introduced exclusively for smartphone, which was led by Siri. However, today every brand is piling up on this new digital assistant game, the latest one being Orange.

Meanwhile, Amazon has also extended an NXP chip in Alexa. Amazon also launched a new AI named Echo, to stay ahead in the game from Google. Microsoft Cortana and Samsung Bixby are new contenders ready to enter this game. Bixby was launched with Samsung’s Galaxy series which allows user to operate all activities through voice commands. Orange IPTV is unveiling a new voice assistant in the market, which will operate all remote control functions through voice commands.