Sarahah has turned into the biggest app release of this year. The app popularity has crossed all boundaries and has spread across the globe. Every social media website today be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is flooding with the screenshot of Sarahah. Sarahah App allows users to receive and send messages to other registered users on the app. The key highlight of the app is that it doesn’t disclose the identity of the message sender, making the whole process very mysterious. This anonymous messaging feature helped Sarahah, in standing out from its other competitors on Play Store.

Sarahah was created by a Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a Saudi Arabian App developer. Apparently, this app was originally developed with a motive of corporate use, to encourage employees to reveal their true feeling toward their seniors and respective departments. But it seems like Sarahah has turned into another phenomenon, where youngsters are using this app to feel good about them by seeking cute messages from their secret crushes and admirers.

Surprisingly this app was released on 13 June 2017, and has already crossed 10 million downloads on Play Store, and has also become Apple’s App Store’s top trending application. Sarahah went viral for two simple reasons; one the app is easy to use and related with the youth. Two, it allows you to seek mystery and write feedbacks for each other anonymously.

The app is also getting a lot of criticism as it is nothing but an app for people to ponder the narcissist within themselves. In a world filled with peer pressure and depression, this app can do more harm than good. Bullies are everywhere and you also find them surfing on the app, trying to find a target to humiliate and devalue. People need to stop getting influenced by the virtual world so easily.