YouTube has added a new restriction on earning money from the website. The company made the announcement through its blog spot that they won’t serve ads on channels consisting of less than 10,000 views. Which simply means that new YouTubers, have to wait and accrue a viewer ship of 10K people, in order to earn anything off YouTube.

YouTube’s Partner Program was responsible for attracting new talent to the website, which were supported and have worked closely with YouTube to gain more views ads and earning more revenue. Previously, this program attached ads to any new YouTuber’s channel, helping them generate immediate revenues. Now they are placing strict rules as to who can make money out of Partner Program.

Anyone can apply for YouTube Partner Program; the selection will be done based on the quality of their content after verification. However you need to fulfill the requirement of having more than 10,000 views on your channel.

It is obviously a bad news for aspiring creators, however one cannot complain about the demand, as YouTube is asking for total channel views of 10K, not subscribers. This might bring some good results to the website, as it would reduce non active and hate channels on the site, which will automatically reduce the offensive videos. YouTube Partner Program, is refining into a cleaner structure, with a more advertiser friendly environment. This will also motivate the talented lot to make better videos to gain more views, if they want to earn any revenue.