Business management Software have become crucial and inarguably essential for day to day functions like accounting, reporting and analytics, workflow management, etc in the business enterprises. It’s impossible to perform all the business related tasks without the help of such software. The company has to first decide its scale of requirement and the level of services they expect from the Business management software company, then only they can decide the best options.

Here, we enlist top ten business management software for small Businesses that you should consider.


  1. mHelpDesk

It’s highly recommended cloud based Business management software which is primarily used in organizing and managing service requests, reports, billing and also for customer relationships.

It can be accessed over any mobile device and internet is not a necessity. It has many features like integration with Quickbooks and moreover it works fine in offline mode. It is also useful in providing visibility in staff scheduling and in giving regular alerts to the employees. It has received generally favorable reviews from its users. It’s easy to use and very adaptable to company’s need and requirements.

  1. Workfront Software

Formerly known as AtTask, Workfront is a cloud based project management software and is suitable for industries like IT, accounting and architecture. It is helpful with prioritizing, routing, managing and reporting of work in a team group. It’s quite popular software because of its wide customization and personalization and users find it easier to use than many big software.

We recommended this software for team related work, as it allows users to drop tasks and assignments with interactive visual interface. There are communication tools too for employees to collaborate with other organizations to work together and keep a status track on work and deadlines. Overall, it’s exciting Business management software.


  1. Logicbox

Logicbox is a good choice for small and flexible businesses in various industries. Users find it easy to use and provide customized solutions. It is also a cloud based management software and offers CRM functions (Customer relationship Management) which are helpful in automating standard processes of the company and by creating an integrated system.

It also includes automation in Sales and Marketing, leads management, interactive customer support and campaign management. In addition to these, Logixbox provides custom reporting & analysis, permission control and custom notifications.


  1. net is a lesser known name but this web based professional business solution is comparatively cheaper and can be used for any business size and for any operating platform. It offers several application in a suite, including project management and accounting, bills and invoice generation, help desk related work and expense tracking. It’s quite useful in industries like management consulting, IT and engineering.

The main features of are its configurable workflows, built in messenger tool and analytics. Users are allowed a greater degree of customization and they can configure interfaces to accounting systems like SAP, QuickBooks and Financial force. Its seamless integration in various systems and its user friendly interface makes it one of the best Business management software.

  1. Booker

This cloud based Business management software is designed for service based small businesses. It is helpful with finding new clients, marketing your services, client retention and fixing appointments. Booker has integrated e-commerce and POS, Point of sale, and provides better solutions to its clients. The coolest feature of Booker is that it provides mobile payments and it also tracks vendors and product inventory. Overall, it’s a good affordable software.



MINDBODY is quite a popular cloud based solution, as it provides services like scheduling, appointment fixing, marketing management and role based permission control system. It’s a recommended software for small businesses and suitable for organizations like gyms, salons, spas, etc. It’s affordable, easy to use and allows user friendly customization and is easily accessible. It’s easier for users to manage notification, alerts and it helps in creating marketing campaigns and generating marketing reports.

  1. Wrike

Wrike is one of the best Business management software currently in the market. It helps its users with better Project management/scheduling, preparing Gantt Charts, Visual dashboards, and interactive project templates. Wrike has its integration with Salesforce and Jira and is widely used by small businesses. It can be deployed on Cloud, Saas and web. It’s helpful for industries which require a solution for Product development, marketing and finance. A lot of famous companies take Wrike’s services for their business management.


  1. Timecamp

Timecamp is a popular cloud based software which provides solutions for project management and generating advanced analytical reports. It’s affordable and clients also get a free version for trial use. It’s accessible on all platforms and also has its own app. The main features of this Business management software are Billing and Invoicing, Purchasing, Time & Expense Tracking, Financial and Inventory management. It helps small businesses with better time management skills and enhances their productivity.

Timecamp synchronizes data perfectly and provides internal chat and budgeting options.


  1. Odoo Software

It’s an exciting software for all kinds of businesses. It’s flexible and adaptable according to the size of organization and provides its users with a wide range of services. Odoo is basically a suite having many business apps that helps enterprises in building and managing business. It’s a bit expensive but is widely used and promises to grow the number of sales, better organization, enhance productivity and strengthen the human resources. It features apps that include CRM, POS, Sales, bulling, HR, marketing tools, etc.

It can be used on any platform and the company provides a free trial too for interested clients.


  1. Wylie Systems Software   

For small scale Business, Wylie Systems is a great option when it comes to Business management software. It offers a wide range of services in an affordable price including finance and Client management, point of sale, inventory control, etc.

It has its own customer management system which allows its users to generate progress reports and create email campaigns and book multiple meetings. Wylie system is user-friendly and is adaptable with the organizations, thus making it one of the best Business management software.