As a brand, one of the most important aspects you need to track and monitor are the conversations around your product or service that are happening on multiple social media platforms. Today we live in a digital world where the best place to understand your audience and how much they are relating to your brand is through social media. Considering social media to still be a platform best for advertising only, is not wise. You might be promoting your brand through social media but while doing so, Social media advertising is not the only thing you need to focus on, complete social media monitoring should be on your mind. This includes social media analytics, conversations around your brand and lots more.

There is a lot that goes into comprehensive social media monitoring, therefore selecting the best social media monitoring tools is also a challenge. So, in this article, apart from explaining you the importance of using these tools, we will also provide you with a few suggestions to the leading social media marketing tools that you can make use of, for ensuring a robust social media marketing strategy.


Why is it important for businesses to use a Social media monitoring tool.


Social Media Listening and Monitoring – If you too are someone who is confused regarding the difference between monitoring and listening, then you definitely need to read the complete article. Social media monitoring refers to compiling a set of social media messages into a common stream and then acting specifically to each message. Social media listening, on the other hand, refers to querying a set of similar messages on the basis of keywords to help you track conversations happening specifically around your brand. A social media monitoring tool can help you perform both these functions, along with multiple others.

Enhance Customer Service – Since a social media monitoring tool can help you monitor and track conversations, this will also allow you to provide better customer services to your users. As you will become more aware of all the mentions that your brand or product is receiving, replying to each one of them will not be a challenge for you. Thus making you more approachable by the customers, and never missing out on any message or query that is relevant to your brand.


Improve Social media advertising with Organized Campaigns – With the help of a social media monitoring tool, you will be able to give prompt replies to all messages coming in during your campaign. While running a campaign, you can enter a keyword which will be used for filtering all messages, thus providing you with only the relevant content. By using these tools while running a campaign on social media you can see what all hashtags are trending, which ones of these are related to your brand, and how can you tap them for improved ROI.


Deriving in-depth Social Media Analytics – Getting the results of how well your social media campaigns and other social media activities have performed is imperative for coming to a conclusion. After going through the social media analytics report provided by these tools you will be able to comprehend whether your campaigns were a success or not? A social media marketing tool can also provide you with analytics as well as strategies of your competitors, thus giving you several other components to explore and improve your brand’s social media performance.

Best social media marketing apps

Regain Lost Customers – Now this is not something that can be assured by any of the available social media marketing platforms, or a social media monitoring tool. But they can surely help you in winning over the lost customers. How successfully you are able to do it, depends on how well you make use of these tools and platforms. If you are using the tools to constantly attend to any grievances or queries by customers, and giving them prompt replies to the comments, there are good chances that a few of your aggrieved or lost customers might return.


Top social media monitoring tools for 2018


The top social media monitoring apps or tools that we would be listing here are the ones that we believe are the most comprehensive and best suited for social media marketing websites. We are providing you with different options so that you can decide which one works best for you out of all these.



  1. Hootsuite – One of the very basic tools for social media marketing. It allows social media listening, increasing engagements, along with providing Analytics reports in its free version. For several other features provided by the tool, you will have to explore its paid edition.

  2. Oktopost – One of the most loaded social media marketing tools for businesses is Oktopost. Using this tool you can amplify your business, the Oktopost team gets in touch with you once you register, and then provides you with a plan that is best for your business.

  3. Salesforce – This is yet another powerful tool for social media marketing as well as social media monitoring. This can be used for several other business needs apart from just monitoring your social media accounts or for social media marketing of your websites. This is a comprehensive CRM tool that can be used for email marketing, mobile marketing, and more.
  4. Social Baker – This is an AI equipped social media marketing tool that provides you with way more than just the basic social media monitoring and analysis features. Using this tool you can get insights into the performance of your competitor, along with features to optimize your own performance.

Best social media app for 2018


Now that we have discussed the importance of social media monitoring tools, the best social media marketing tools, we should also discuss the best social media app of the coming year or the leading social media marketing websites. After being popular among brands and companies for years, Facebook today also occupies the top position in terms of the number of users as well as global popularity. Another app that is also owned by Facebook and is steadily picking up pace is Instagram. These apps are considered to reign in the coming year as well.