New Galaxy Note 8’s release is just around the corner, a new leak of this device has slowed down its much-hyped buzz. In a recent event in Korea, Samsung unveiled its latest advanced handset with cutting edge technology, which has created a storm in the tech world. However, it seems like the company has downgraded one of the portions in its perfect package which might end up in becoming a potential commercial disaster.

There has been a literal flood of Galaxy Note 8 leaks on the internet, which has already helped in revealing it’s designed and programming. The phone will come with a decreased Bessel size which will promote an impressive font, and a stunning dual camera system, which is going to be Samsung’s biggest bet in a long time, to take over the world with its camera quality and phone design.

Despite all the speculation, the phone won’t has a curved screen, like Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus designs. Samsung had been trying to implement a fingerprint sensor, which they planned on placing under the glass. Now the sensor will be placed at the same place as its previous Note Tablets. However, a recent new leak is revealing a rather disappointing detail about the phone, which won’t exhibit any of these speculated additions or amazing features, which is breaking hearts of all gadget lovers around the world.

Samsung had been working head over heels on the promotion of Note 8, had done a great job at creating boost hype in the market. But now it seems that its talent leak might even end up affecting its potential sales in the market. Apple is also working on changing the position of its fingerprint sensor. At this point, it seems and both Samsung and Apple are fighting with each other in the war of technology. It would be interesting to see, which phone giant moves his fingerprint sensor first.