Once you hold these Galaxy S8 and S8 plus in your hand, it is almost impossible to see the Apple iPhone’s three year old design with the same love. Experiencing these advanced models and than going back to iPhone feels like trading a flat screen TV for ancient CRT TV. All the dedicated iPhone users can’t help but give several glances to these new Samsung smartphones.

However, what’s stopping them is, Apple’s promise of bringing a modern era design with its iPhone 8 next generation phone, in which they might ditch its home button, adapting a design similar to LG G6 and Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, for Apple, iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will not be entering the market any time before September.

Apple fans still seem to be waiting for iPhone 8, which is expected to be launched by November. Some might even consider giving the new Samsung Galaxy models a try, but they will rather wait and abandon shipping process.

Every Apple user can’t help but praise the magnificent Galaxy smartphones. However, majority of them are still choosing to stick with the iPhone, because of the simple reason, its software. As great as Samsung is getting, it can never provide you iOS quality, which will always be a selling point for Apple.