An internet activist battling for privacy has started an account GoFundMe, in order to purchase internet histories of several important CEOs, Congress members, and Legislators, who helped in passing the S.J. Resolution 34 law, which allows internet providers to invade and purchase any body’s web browsing history.

President Trump is expected to pass this law, in response to which Internet privacy activist Adam McElhaney, has formed a page GoFundMe, with a motto of raising $10,000. The site was reported to have collected over $104,000 till Wednesday, by the contribution of 7000 donors.

The activist publicly stated his intentions of purchasing all these congress men’s, legislatives’, CEOs’ , senators’ web history, in order to make them easily available on He stated that he will reveal everything from their medical to pornographic search history on this site. He wants the government to feel the same frustration and anger that would be faced by a common man, due to this law; which promotes invasion of privacy.

Currently a Poll is set on the site GoFundMe, in order to get suggestions as to whose history should be purchased. Paul Ryan, US House Speaker is running on the first place, following Marsha Blackburn and Senate Mitch McConnell.