Microsoft announced the launch of its much awaited Windows 10 Creators Update, which will start hitting the market by 11th April. It has made its foundation on Windows 10, following its ‘Anniversary’ and ‘November’ updates.

The primary changes that you will notice in the update  includes; an easy, improved process of installation, which comes in handy with Microsoft’s Cortana, which assists hands free operations, and facilitates working through a microphone. Cortana is a digital assistant, which will assist you for the search process, just like Apple’s Siri. Cortana will be available to serve you whenever you summon the app, even when the PC is locked.

After losing a large market to chrome, Window is making a comeback with the Edge browser in Windows 10. Edge is the only browser which offers a 1080p Netflix browsing, instead of 720p, which is usually provided. The browser also works as an e-reader.


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This update has placed a special emphasis on gaming. There is a new Gaming hub added in its setting app. Gaming hub has a Game Bar and DVR option which includes broadcasting, which allows you to go livestream, through Beam Stream and Game mode, which offers a smooth CPU gaming experience. Its Paint 3D app will give a next gen experience. It allows you to make 3D cartoons, which you can post on Microsoft’s ‘Remix 3D’ website.