Why should a company emphasize on its data security solutions? Learn about the key aspects of data security solutions that should be taken into account.

When it comes to data security, there’s nothing like being ‘too cautious’. The Internet sure opens infinite opportunities, but it also opens you and your data to multiple digital threats. Selecting and deciding what you want to secure, and the data security solutions to be used, can be a major challenge. It involves an in-depth study and a structured protocol, whether the user wants to secure systems or grant an easy access of company data to workers to work smoothly.

It is always a tough task to choose between usability and security of data. There are multiple data security solutions, available on the internet, but implementing them effectively and efficiently is the real task. Some high-security protocols can result in lower usability. And compromising with data security for higher usability does not sound like really safe or appropriate plan.

Organizations need to come up with a substantial plan that can balance the data access, without compromising with the security or efficient usability of the data by the employees.

In order to understand the pivotal need for data security solutions, one needs to get familiar with the term data security, as well as its importance and the potential threats one might get themselves into; if they don’t take it seriously.

What is Data Security?

Data security basically means protecting digital privacy of the user, against all destructive threats, forces and from letting any malware cause any unwanted actions on user’s system by unauthorized users. Data security plays a significant role in protecting data against any type of corruption or data loss. It includes protection of user’s data, and privacy of his/her backups, or from data erasure, or data masking.

Data security is not important for just corporate, it can include protection of your sensitive data, like legal or financial details, or your credit card information. Strong data security solutions can help in shielding sensitive data against thefts, breaches or any miscellaneous malware or malicious activity conducted by any unauthorized resource.

Importance of Data Security

Do you know, every second there are at least hundred cyber attacks happening across the globe. You can check this yourself using ‘Norse’, which illustrates all real-time cyber attacks on the map. Unfortunately, none of the tech giants in the world are able to manufacture a device with an advanced security system that can shield your system against all threats and malware. Big organizations often become a victim of these data breaches, where millions of their customers become a potential target of these hackers, who use their information for sale and other malicious activities like identity theft.

Data security plays a significant role in maintaining the market reputation of a company. Would you want to be linked with a company, who wasn’t able to protect its customer data? Not only would it affect company’s reputation but it will destroy its grounds, while also inviting legal complications in the picture.

Data Security Solutions

  • Data Authentication

It is one of the most common data security solutions, which includes the practice of authentication or verification. In this procedure the user needs to insert certain type of code, biometric data, or password, into the system which will help in identifying the user, making the data accessible for the selected group of people


  • Data Encryption

Encryption is one of the safest and efficient data security solutions, which is used by most IT companies. In this process all digital data, from users hard drives to software/hardware is encrypted, therefore is rendered unreadable to all hackers and unauthorized users.


Three Main Objectives of Encryption Management: Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity

Before implementing encryption strategies, you need to ask yourself, why you should encrypt your data, and how it will help you. And here these three goals will answer this question.


  • Confidentiality – By limiting the access to your data through encryption, you can limit your data to trusted audience. This will restrict unauthorized users from gaining access to use or operate your data, which will maintain confidentiality within the organization. Encryption is one of the safest and most apt data security solutions which secures individuals against all cyber threats while training them to effectively implement cyber security practices confidentially.
  • Integrity – This basically means deciding how to divide the data access within the organization, based on the requirement and needs of different departments, till the existence or life of the project continues.
  • Availability – It means granting access to specific employees or departments to create software, to operate files, or resolve conflicts within the organization data.

Remember that efficient encryption depends on the right division of data accessibility, where it can be easily accessed and used by the users.


Data Security Solutions for Cloud Accounts

In today’s modern world, most organizations have ditched the traditional ways of storing data. Today most companies like to work on a cloud-based enterprise system. And just like other systems, these clouds also need protection against all data security threats.

Thankfully there are multiple strategies that can be implemented in this effort, like using a smart password for verification, or management strategies like access division and employee training to detect and deflect all security threats, phishing scam attempts, malware, or any other criminal infiltrations.

While implementing a smart password system can help in increasing your data security, it doesn’t guarantee to prevent all breaches, thefts or attacks. The more passwords you add to your clouds, the more likely you become prone to losing and forgetting them. In order to avoid forgetting you can use cloud-based verification management tools, which helps in users’ identification. It is considered as one of the most effective data security solutions to operate on multiple cloud accounts. These systems allow organizations to insert only one password to operate and access multiple accounts. This helps in keeping the passwords secure, while also protecting your valuable data.

Data Security Solutions for VPN and Cloud

VPN (Virtual Private Network), is a safe, encrypted way of surfing on the internet, it can dramatically cut down on the data security risks, allowing users to share data in a protected shield. This can really help retail locations like bookstores, department stores and restaurants etc, who offer free Wi-Fi. A proper VPN can prevent all DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, making a VPN one of the most accessible data security solutions. These attacks usually involve criminals loading the server with multiple requests that the genuine users are unable to use or access it.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) V/S Company Devices 

Most Organizations usually have a high-end data security system, within the four walls of their organization, but what about the employees who operate on their personal devices outside of work. Today we live in a world, where every individual uses more than one device be it a laptop, computer, or a Smartphone. This has a set of significant drawbacks and benefits, which makes it one of the most controversial data security solutions.

Often CEOs prefer BYOD policy for their employee satisfaction, as it offers increased customization and flexibility while promoting higher employee satisfaction. However, this can also raise risks of hacking and data theft. Most companies have a strict set of rules for BYOD policy, like no data disclosure or sharing of the mail information. BYOD policy can also help reduce the risk of data theft, as companies’ systems are more prone to hacking threats than the employees. It very rare that a hacker would target an employee who does not use the company’s system. This makes BYOD one of the most efficient data security solutions.

While certain companies prohibit their employees from operating their work mail or data on their personal system or Smartphone, anything apart from the company computer is a big no-no for these businesses.


Why it’s important to implement these data security solutions?

  • Data security works like a shield against all potential threats online, to protect users against loss, theft or unauthorized access of their data.
  • To protect your system against malware and viruses online.
  • To manage and operate on a safe platform, without any worry of fraud and theft.
  • To ensure easy accessibility of the data within the organization based on each department’s requirements and needs.
  • Weak Authentication system within the organization, can bring your data to a significant danger of identity theft or cause a virus infection within all files in your system.
  • Data Security Solutions do not only help in providing data confidentiality but it also helps the organization to integrate and share data within an organization in a structured and protected system.
  • Data Security also helps in educating individuals about all the potential threats online, be it about hacking, viruses, fraud ads or malware.


Other Basic Data Security Solutions

  • Maintaining a high-end data security protocol can help you in monitoring your systems and devices using an alarm system, using a password identification system.
  • This can help you in limiting your system audience, granting guest users limited or zero access to your sensitive data or important files.
  • You can also enforce restrictions on malware sites and other social media websites within the organization by limiting internet access.
  • You can make sure to update your anti-virus system, as a new version will offer a better performance and protection against viruses.
  • You can use Intrusion Detection technology, to track and restrain hackers from attacking or stealing your data.
  • Update system will automatically prompt better data security solutions, by default within your system.
  • Ensure to update your operating system every now and then, as latest versions show a lower risk of cyber threats.
  • Create and maintain a way of storing your backups. Make sure to make copies of your sensitive or important data, on other systems as some virus might result in erasing or rooting your system.
  • Add Activated password protections on all your systems, to avoid any sort of unnecessary damage or theft. Most of our e-mails are logged in our Smartphone, so it has become crucial to set up a security password. As most people share or store all their important information; like details of a business project, identification proof, bank details, etc. in their emails.
  • You can also educate and train your staff about all the potential digital dangers that might compromise the security of your business.



Encryption is definitely one of the best data security solutions. Even if somebody is able to access or steal your data, they still won’t be able to comprehend or use the data because of the encryption. Although reliable, it is also one of the complex solutions to this problem. Encrypting data, within an organization in a friendly way, where different divisions are able to operate and access it effectively and efficiently can be a major challenge. And without it, you might be opening your important information to miscellaneous dangers and digital threats.

Data Security Solutions are the need of the hour, every day billions of businesses deal with a huge volume of sensitive data, which holds all their secrets, potential best-selling plans, marketing operations, and financial details. Losing such valuable information can bring the future of the company in danger. We have discussed some of the most basic and advanced ways of getting proper data security within your organization. Once you work on the initial framework of going about your data protection, how and what strategy you want to adopt, the implementation process becomes easy. It is always smart to identify the vulnerabilities and work towards its prevention beforehand, than diving into the digital world of uncertainties unplanned.

Adopt a data security measure today, you don’t know how many potential threats you are inviting to your business every minute. Digitalization is the future, and in order to protect your tomorrow, you need to ensure that you adapt the best data security solutions today. Train your staff to understand, implement and operate in a data security shield.