Google recently updated its Home app and has finally included the most requested feature of all time, multi-user support. This has been the biggest gripes for Google Home, ever since its launch. The multiple account features is now supported by Google Home, which come personalization and network voice recognition features. In other words, different voices will be responded with these respective account details.

You can now train your Google Home to identify and reference to different voices. Big families won’t have to fight for password any more, as with this feature Google allows you to add 6 accounts on a same device. This means that the app will tailor answers for each separately, identifying and resonating with their general trends. You won’t be alerted about your dad’s appointment your big brother dating conquest and Google Home will only alert you about your calendar.

Step to add multiple Accounts to your Google Home

Step 1: Open Google Home App. And you will be greeted with a Multi User availability update.

Step 2: In case you don’t get a notification for Multi-user, tap the top right corner button. Select Settings. Select Multi-user notification.

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How to Setup a Voice Recognition Setup

Step 1: Setting Devices > Setting > Select More > Shared Devices.

Step 2: Select the plus sign in the bottom extreme right corner to enjoy the multiuser setup.

Step 3: Tapping on any of these options, will a start up a demo to set voice recognition. The software will ask you to repeat “OK, Google” and “Hey, Google” phases twice. This enables the application to store your voice, for referencing with future identification.

Step 4: Then select continue, then tap on invite, if you want to add another user on your Google Home.

Note: Additional users need to ensure that they have downloaded the updated version of Google Home app. In order to link their, account new users will be demanded to sign in and link with their music accounts and customize the Google Home with new sources linking accounts such as Netflix and blogger.

You can also add smart home devices in their Assistant account. This eliminates risk of any random person joining you Google Home or controlling the smart devices in your home.


Managing Accounts

Google Home, allows you to add up to six accounts in a single device, which is sufficient considering the fact that it is going to work on voice identification for each of the listed individual users in the app.

How to add multiple accounts from same device?

Step 1: Open Home page and select the hamburger bugger button placed in the top left corner. A menu will appear on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Select Additional Accounts or tap the drop-down menu

Step 3: Select Manage Accounts, to add a new account.

Step 4: After adding the new account, follow the same process for setup.

Note: If you add the same voice on more than three accounts, Google Home, is going to respond using the first account details that were added with the same voice.

Steps To See Active Accounts On Google Home

Select Devices > Settings > Linked Account.

Here you can also remove your account. However the user cannot remove accounts of any other user.


Steps To Add Proper Multiuser Support

Once multiple user accounts are set on Google Home Speaker, the user doesn’t have to do anything to switch between the listed accounts. Since, the assistant has already learned each distinct voice of the user.

When one of the listed account users interacts with Google Home, for example if you ask “Hey, Google, How was my day?” the app will reference all the traffic report and personal calendar from your day.

Comparison With Amazon’s Alexa

Google Home multiuser feature is a complete contrast to the multiple user facilities offered by Alexa Speakers designed by Amazon. Alexa doesn’t allow multiple users to control their personal playlist or calendars individually. Instead Alexa can be considered as a sharing device, which allows these connected users to share and listen to their purchased content, like audio books and music. It also allows these connected accounts to share their calendars and lists, which is pretty much the extent of the whole application.

Google is pretty confident about Home’s voice distinction abilities. They have spent over a year in refining all the possible defects which could have generated a bug in the device. However they also said that they don’t recommend users to rely on this identification feature as a security shield.

This multi user support is already out in United States, which will soon expand in the markets of United Kingdom. Just ensure that you have the updated version of the Google Home app, as it is the only necessity required to set this multi feature up.