Ireland’s (Data Protection Commission) DPC Helen Dixon reported an exponential rise in data breaches, with complaints of over 2224 people, by 2016.

She was seen stating that breaches are an inevitable consequence, which comes with managing and handling data. ODPC had over 15335 data security queries, inquired through email and 16744 were dealt through telephone. However, only 1479 complaints were taken through the investigation process. ODPC also received 26 complaints for ‘Right to be Forgotten’, out of which 6 were upheld and 15 were rejected and remaining five are still under investigation.

Data security has become a major issue, these commissioners now need to put extra effort, emphasis on user protection and privacy. Ireland has convinced Facebook to update its cookie banner, which will include minimum user information, which will be visible to commercial seekers.

Dixon claims to transform data security in Ireland, she plans on changing the General Data Protection  Regulation GDPR, in a period of next 12 months. These new rules will be enforced by the start of 2018. She also shared that Banking sector was most prone to such preaches, as they were most accessed by users, offering the maximum information.

They want to promote data security from top to low scale companies in order to ensure a standard implementation throughout the nation. 2016, was a busy year for Dixon, traveling through courts, taking complaints and introducing new plans. Finally these web commissioners are prepared with a plan to protect its users, promising them a safe search on the internet.