The Long wait is finally over, as Blizzard’s Hearthstone 2017 updated expansion is finally out for you to play. Journey To Un’Goro, has gotten a little bit more adventurous with an addition of 135 more cards and some fun functions. The company plans on retiring its first year’s 2015 cards from the standard format. Fortunately you will be offered more frenemies (other than Ragnaros, adios), with multiple new exciting card scapes, one of which will include a Dinosaur’s land.

The new edition comes with two modifications, the ‘Adapt’ mechanic, which offers a choice to switch between three buffed characters and Elements, which allots a tribe synergy to murlocs and pirates. Some of the old cards of the game have also been reactivated, which might come as a happy surprise to the game lovers.

Its first expansion starts with Year of Kraken, ending on Mammoth. The game follows the same structure and balance of its older version, with refreshing and surprising elements.

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All 135 Cards for Hearthstone will cost you around $670, in which you will be able to track down all the upgrades in the game by the end of year. Blizzard will provide, some free starting levels, for players who can’t pay the hefty amount for the game. For now, enjoy the new dinosaur world of Hearthstone.