One of the main reasons why it is always your Android or Windows device being attacked by malware is; it is far more commonly used in comparison to MacOS. Thus the chances of the attack being successful are greater. The same logic is applicable to attacks on your Google accounts as well. And if sources are to be believed, the recently uncovered scam is dangerous enough to steal your login details very smoothly.

The data security scam was brought to light by the cyber security experts working at Wordfence. The scam is advanced enough to replicate parts of Google interface, and is mainly used for targeting those users who use the browser for accessing their Google accounts. This allows the scam to embed harmful content in the email body. Once the link has been embedded, it is in front of the user to be clicked. Once the user clicks on this link, they get redirected to a malware site which is exact replica of Google website, and is used for stealing your login details.

 You might get carried away by the looks of this malware, but pay attention to the URL, because this is not supported by Google Servers. This is one of the best ways in which you can protect yourself from this scam.