This was supposed to be one of the most radical changes made by the company in its design, but got scrapped due to leaks. Apple is no more developing a heavily curved OLED screen, but a more subtle one, for its upcoming iPhone 8.

Nikkei, a well recognized Japanese publication, reports that Apple curve in iPhone 8 won’t be similar to Samsung’s Edge. The curve will be a lot gentler, allowing the curve glass screen a view of 5.2 inches, making the iPhone appear sleeker. MacRumors also confirmed this news, stating the device won’t be dramatically curved. The speculations soon grew into rumors, because of multiple display prototypes that were tested by Apple, based on flexibility substances. However, the company chose to stick with adding only a minor curve.

According to experts, a heavily curved phone, serves to look fabulous but compromises the structural integrity, leading to unintentional accidental touches, particularly during one hand operations. Even Samsung Galaxy S8’s leaked images reflect a significant screen curve reduction from its prior release of Galaxy S7.

For everyone who is guessing and predicting iPhone 8’s design, the company might surprise you, as Apple still has enough time to switch things up.