Recently Pokémon Company released a goofy little game called Magikarp Jump, which is based on training Magikarp to help him jump higher than others and that’s pretty much it. Unless there is a secret plot that we a failing to catch here.

This is enough to interest the audience to go gaga over this game. Magikarp Jump is an “idle game”, which involves no actual game play. But it still prompts the users to manage, feed and train their digital pet. You can also boost your Magikarp by decorating and leveling up his energy.

You don’t need to do much, apart from pressing a few buttons which will guide you through the tournament. The game is a complete opposite to Pokémon Go, which actually demanded the users to step out and work to capture their Pokémon’s. The game has a real life feel to it, which allows you to run around and hatch eggs while also accumulating candy for your Pokémon buddies.

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Both these Pokémon games are a complete contrast, where one engages with the audiences demanding them to step out and enjoy the journey where the other involves them to just press a simple button. Both these games have done exceptionally well. However Pokémon Go definitely required more development cost compared to Magikarp Jump, which is highly addictive.