The Android industry has replaced the demand of old school, classic machines. You can pretty much use these tech savy masterpieces as a remote or your mobile, and perform all you routine task by simply using smartwatch apps available in android smartwatch. The world is changing, and technology is presenting multiple ways to simplify the human life. Be it Casio smartwatch or lg android smartwatch the market is filled with options, designs and advanced user interfaces to choose from. Here are a few tips to find the best android watch.

1. Android Offers More Smartwatch Apps, while iOS Offer Simpler User Interface

One of the most confusing choice we often have to make is; choosing between Android and iOS. If you are looking to explore some additional features and apps, then android smartwatch is the right choice for you. Android is also a more versatile and affordable choice. Apple watches are relatively 20 to 30 percent more expensive, Android watches are not only cheaper, but are also considered more compatible with other devices.

2. Display

Majority of android smart watch today are known for using a colorful LCD or an AMOLED display. Ensure to settle on the desired display quality by looking through photos, apps and other content on the watch, in stores or online. Do some research and invest in an android smart watch with a longer battery life. You can also ensure to look through models and designs offering different screen sizes to decide the best android watch for you, that fulfils all your requirements, while offering a comfortable display to operate these applications.

3. Interface: Buttons vs. Touch

Thanks to the wide spread popularity of Smartwatches the Android market is literally flooding with them, giving you multiple options to choose the best smartwatch for yourself. They offer different internal storage and user interface options, with advanced as well as limited features.  Opting for a touch display comes naturally, which offers easier navigation, and due to numerous other reasons. Majority of Android watches offer only smooth screen touch facilities. Whereas Apple has manufactured its watches with a combination of both buttons and touch. You can use the crown on your digital watch to directly zoom on the contents on your display.

Casio smartwatch is amongst the best android watch which is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is garnering great reviews for its touch and user interface, which works on the latest updates of the respected software. These buttons also give away aesthetics of old school physical buttons in the classics. With time, the watches are also transforming, and getting more compatible with devices, with every launch. Earlier fitness addicts were seen as the target audience for these watches, given the health benefits and alarm features it provides. Today the target audience is almost every age group from youngsters to adults; everybody is enjoying the easy accessibility that it provides. Teenagers are no longer searching for their mobiles as they have a substitute on their wrist 24*7.

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4. Price

The market is filled with options, in which every smart watch appears to be the best smartwatch in the industry. You are offered ample number of choices ranging from different price range, offering different features to choose from, different screen size, features, etc. You can use some time to go through a set of smartwatch for android or iOS that fall under your budget and analyze them through their online rating and your personal requirement taste and structure.

Casio smartwatch and LG android smartwatch are among the best smartwatch in the market currently, which deliver all the latest features including health sensors, phone notifications, android replacement, playlist and much more. Their models are also available at a much affordable price compared to other brands in the market. Android smart watches are being preferred more, compared to iOS, due to their affordable price and variant options that allow you to operate pretty much every application.

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5. Design and Personalization

The best smartwatch is the one which allows the customer to apply or chose a different strap, in order to add a more personalized touch to the watch. There are a few brands in the market currently which offer to swap or deliver these third party options. Rolex Watch Face For Android Wear, for instance offers a similar option, where the user can attach their Rolex Watch face to any other strap, giving it a completely different look, while maintaining the brand label value of wearing an expensive Rolex.

LG android smartwatch including other smartwatch for android, offer these customization options before the purchase. Customers can pick color or material from the allotted list given by the brand to add a personal touch to the watch. You can also customize the face color, size and finishing design of the smartwatch, which is offered by much expensive brands like in Rolex, which allows its customer to customize its Rolex Watch Face For Android Wear .You can optimize and customize these smartwatch for android, to add an essence of fun and personalization to them. It is also turning out to be a major selling point for brands who offer such facilities.

6. Applications

Despite being a new trend, Smartwatches offer thousands of interesting applications, which is attracting new customers every day. The Apple store alone comprises of more than 20,000 different applications. These include majority of your favorite social media sites from Instagram to Facebook. The marketing strategies of these smartwatches have excelled in their field, as they introduce applications like Uber and CNN to lure adult audience into its trap. Android Wear 2.0 allows you to take benefit of all the latest application, without any hassle. You can reply and read your Whatsapp messages, to book a ride through Lyft, by making a few clicks on your wrist.

Popular Mentions

Fossil Q

Most Fossil smartwatch offer both Android 4.4 and iOS 8.3 based platforms. The compatibility of watch and the trusted promise of the Fossil Q make it among the most popular choice. The trendy wrist accessories are equipped with all connectivity and other activity tracking options. It also comes with an interchangeable band option. Fossil smartwatch basically runs on Bluetooth, which transfers alert notifications from your phone to the smartwatch. All its smartwatches are currently powered with the latest Android Wear 2.0.

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We suggest you to do a thorough study before investing in an android watch. Go through different websiteS, choose a budget, and then prioritize your requirements based on your budget and choose the best available deal that can satisfy you.