Twitch has recently announced its plans on expanding its money making subscription options with partners. The video streaming site is planning on creating extra revenue by launching an Affiliate program. According to this program, these non-partnered video developers will be able to gain access and generate revenue with Twitch.

Cheering with Bits is amongst the most popular tool used for this purpose, which was launched late last year. You can add emojis in the Cheering using ‘Bits’ where you can buy these apps through real life money. Bits are equivalent to one cent, which is affiliated and partnered by same earnings.

The wide spread popularity of Cheering has promoted Twitch in launching a wider group. It has launched over 1 billion Bits, which have been used in Cheers. It is amongst the first few tools which are being monetized in the upcoming months.

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It is estimated that over 17,000 partners will be serving over 2.2 million users on Twitch every month. This is a significant move that reflects the growth of Twitch in the past couple of years. Last year Twitch attracted over 2 million streams, with over 100 million unique users monthly. It is estimated that Twitch could be almost $20 billion, generating over $1 billion by 2020.