Google Chrome offers exclusive extensions to its users.Google Chrome Extensions can be described as little parts of software, which can significantly help in improving your web browsing experience. It also helps update, modify and extend the functionality of the browser. It allows you to sync with other devices, compatible with Chrome, giving access to automatic updates and notifications for download. It has both free as well as paid add-ons, on Chrome web store for Mac and Windows.

Over the years, Google has ensured protection of its users from various malicious codes by restricting the installation of third party extensions. Google offers exclusive Google Chrome extensions to its users. However, in order to install extension from other means, the user has to enable the ‘Developer mode’ before installation of CRX (Chrome Extension). In order to protect you, Chrome only allows you to use apps or extensions which are published on its Chrome Web Store.

How To Search Google Chrome Extensions On Google Chrome

Step #1 – Open Google Chrome.

google chrome extensions

Step #2 – Select Chrome Web Store, by clicking on the left corner. You will be able to find multiple extensions, themes and apps for the browser.

google chrome extensions

Step #3 – Select the Extension tab on the top left side of your screen. Her you will see Google Chrome Extensions only if you have downloaded them.

google chrome extensions

Step #4 – Browse Chrome Web Store, to download the preferred ones. Select ‘Extensions’ on the upper left corner in order to get more Google Chrome extensions. You can search through multiple extensions, by web browsing.

google chrome extensions

Step #5 – Filter your Search. In order to find a specific kind of extension, you can apply filters in your search, to experience more effective and faster results. These filters are categorized in two ways:

Filtering by Category – Select the drop down option, to view the entire list of available categories. These include blogging, photos, to shopping or sports. User can make the selection based on their requirement.

Filtering by Rating – You can also view the list according to their rating, this gives you a rough idea about the most popular apps, with five star ratings.

Step #6 – Insert the app name in the Search field. In case you want to save some extra time, or you already know what you want, then take advantage of search bar, type the keywords.

google chrome extensions

Step #7 – Select and download the Google chrome extensions.

google chrome extensions

Note: That some apps, including majority of those listed on Google web extensions are automatically installed after the confirmation of the download in the system. However unauthorized apps which are sold by other sources demand a manual installation process. In case you are purchasing a paid app, you will be directed to Google Wallet after the confirmation, before the download of the application into your device.

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions Manually

Step #1 – Select the downloaded CRX file on you system.

Step #2 – Open Google Chrome and search chrome://extensions/ on the search bar. It will direct you to the Extension page. Select ‘Developer mode’ in the center of the screen and enable it. You can also use Chrome menu > tools > Extension, in order to open the page.

google chrome extensions

Step #3 – Use any CRX extractor app to unpack CRX into zip.

Step #4 – Locate the new Zip file and process the unzip.

Step #5 – Go back to chrome://extension page and select ‘Load unpacked extension’. Select the unzipped file that you want to install.