With more than 500 million downloads, Google Chrome has become the most popular web browser on Android. While the compact version of Google Chrome on your devices has significant differences from its desktop browser, its basic components remain constant; offering cleanup ability of deleting everything from history to cache to cookies. Google Chrome history shows the data of websites visited by you in last 90 days. It doesn’t include website visited by the user, using incognito mode or the data which has already been removed from the website.

How To Remove Google Chrome History From Your Android ?

Step #1 – Open Google Chrome app on your Android mobile. Select the top right menu on screen.

Step #2 – It will display a drop down list. Select ‘History’ from the list.

Step #3– Scroll down to the bottom of your history and Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

Step #4 – A ‘Clear Browsing Data’ page will appear. Tap on the ‘Clear data’ from drop down menu, from which you can select what amount of history you want to delete.

In order to delete the entire web browsing data, select ‘the beginning of time’. Just like its desktop version, Google Chrome Android app, also allows you to choose between the time of history, you want to remove. It also allows you to select between the category that user wants to delete, like browsing and download history. You can tick the desired category, by tapping on the box in front of them. Keep in mind, that deleting cookies or passwords will log you out from majority of websites and also erase your saved site settings.

Step #5 – Uncheck any box, you don’t want to erase.

Step #6 – Tap on Clear Data.


How To Delete Single Item From History?

Google Chrome allows you to erase certain links or parts from your history. You can also search the item you want to delete by using search bar placed at the top of your Android screen.


Step #1 – Access Google Chrome, on your Android mobile.

Step #2 – Select the more menu on top right of your screen.

Step #3 – Select History.

Step #4 – Search for the entry you want to remove.

Step #5 – Tap the ‘X’ sign in front of the entry and it will be removed.

Note : Before deleting your history, keep in mind that this will affect all the social media platforms, you have been logged into, which might delete all your cookies, bookmarks and passwords. Saved site settings, will also be restored to their default structure.

How To Sync Your History In Multiple Devices?

If you are logged in with an account on Google Chrome on multiple devices, Google will track down your history across these devices by default. You can sync your history throughout multiple devices by using ‘sync pass-phrase’. However, if you don’t want to sync these settings in your devices, you can simply uncheck the box next to ‘History’ in your Google Chrome settings.