‘Address Not Found’ can be the most frustration for a 21st-century generation. The Internet has pushed our lives at a high speed, that when it stops, it feels like doom day. A little red X sign on your mobile or your system can directly affect your mood. And these Time-out connections can be a sign of a bad internet connection, which thankful can be rectified.

However, finding the cause of this internet problem can be a challenge, mainly because there are so many things which could have been gone wrong. So, we have listed top 5 ways which have the power of solving any broadband connection problem.

Ways to troubleshoot broadband Connection

  • Check the Wires

One of the most common reasons, of internet trouble, basically arises from loose wires. This is one of the easiest ways to get back your old high internet speed back. All you have to do is check the wire connection of your broadband with your system. Ensure to replace any loose wires, to avoid any future internet troubles.

Start from basic and check the wiring connection from where it enters your house. This can be a cable or telephone line or a satellite dish. So make sure to check if these cables are damaged. Ensure to stay cautious with these wires, as you might get electrocuted.


  • Power Cycling

Power Cycling is also a popular way to stabilize your internet connection. At times, modem heats up because of overuse, which can disable it to work properly. Power cycling basically signifies turning down modem for a few seconds to give it a re-boost.

In case this tip is unable to bring back a stable network, then opt for an elaborate power cycling and turn off every device including the modem which is connected to the network. Turn them on after a few seconds and you will be connected to the network.


  • Satellite Internet Connections Storm and Weather Problems

If you use satellite internet service then you are probably already used to all the problems that come with it. Satellite broadband network uses a two-way dish, which is directly pointed towards the satellite. The direction and angle of dish play an important role, in serving the perfect internet speed, which demands rearrangement time to time.

One of the major issues that come with satellite connections is the uncertainty of weather that can affect your internet services anytime without any warning. The dish can be considered as the life of your internet connection, so make sure to keep it clean from dry leaves stems or snow. Also, make sure to check your dish angel every once in a while.


  • Wireless Router Outages

The most popular internet connect today Wireless routers are the life of every youngster today. If you are a laptop user, then you must be using a wireless router or an access point to use the internet. There are typically two issues that can originate in a wireless connection, security problem, and configuration problem. Use the user manual of your router to get the best possible advice to properly connect with your router. This is usually done by inserting its IP address in the web browser. Use your Internet Service providers’ assistance for configuring your connection will the router. In order to solve the security problems, you will have to access your security settings. Usually, users are able to access the network, by changing the password of the WiFi.


  • Configuration and Cable Problems

Changes are you home networks involves an Ethernet cable and a wiki connection. And the number of devices you have, the more cable with be required to connect them to the network. Most people end up using the wrong cable for their network, which usually results in creating network problems. So take advice from your network service provider and invest in the best possible cable available in the market.

So times the cables riddles can also contribute to these minor network problems. So make sure to keep your system and other devices wiring as sorted as possible.

Network Configurations depends on multiple factors like your connection type, operating system, network towers and much more. However, these are the most common reasons for network problem, which will solve most of your internet issues. In case you are still unable to find the cause of your problem, then seek help from a professional.