Apple seems to place its bet on its Anniversary special iPhone X, to surpass all sale records made by the company in the past nine years. The phone’s launch was delayed which made some Apple potential buyers to opt for phones launched by other companies like Samsung and Google.

But now the iPhone X is finally here, we would like to see how the sales of the new iPhone are going to turn out. This is one of the most hyped released of Apple; people have been dying for months now to get their hands on iPhone X.

iPhone X is expected to be the game changed for the iOS Giant, who can take over the market with the product. However, some conspiracy theorist also believes that this supply shortage might be artificially created by Apple, in order generate buzz in the market.

iPhone X
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However, some Apple suppliers also believe that supply shortage is caused due to the manufacturing challenges involved in making the new iPhone X. It comes with a color-popping OLED display, which is not so easily available in the market. It also comprises of several other features which require various technologies, which demand a lot of research and preciseness to put together. Technical issues or a PR stunt, these shortages of supply is really making iPhone customers impatient and irritated.