A 17 year old girl, named Lucy would never have thought of gaining publicity out of something she did just for time pass. One of the many 17 year olds across the country who are looking for a job, Lucy decided to make the wait a little more fun and constructive, by doing something typical of a developer. She designed a website.

According to her, this was a harmless website she created as a joke. The website; trumpscratch.com allowed users to hit their newly elected president Donald Trump, with a cat paw as a tool, and rickroll playing in the background.

The website was designed in February, and when it only had reached around 1200 views, Trump’s attorney contacted Lucy; on the first of March. She received a letter from them that claimed she had been infringing in his trademarks. This compelled Lucy to change the name of the website to kittenfeed.com. But this also did not bring her troubles to an end. She was later asked to remove a link on her website, that links to an anti Trump t-shirt on Amazon. She complied to this as well.


Image source – Gizmodo.in

Her site now has over thousands of views, which are only increasing. There is a fair possibility that while the president himself is busy feuding with Arnold, the Terminator, this was done by the lawyers with probably no motivation from the man himself.