If you are looking for something classy packed with all the latest technology, then look no further. Samsung showed off its smart pocket watch at Switzerland Baselworld Expo this week, which is garnering all the needed attention. The idea is a true genius, to bring old to the new world, in an updated fashion.

The Watch is said to combine all features of Samsung’s Gear S3, with a hint of Victorian-era design. The watch is designed by Yvan Arpa, who is a luxury watch designer. During the conference he demonstrated several prototypes of the watch which resembles Gear S3.

Gear S3 is already a head turning smart-watch in itself, which includes a long lasting battery life which can run for days and LTE antenna. These robust features definitely add more heftiness and bulkiness to its design. This also makes the pocket watch more promising as it can be carried on a chain, instead of being worn on your wrist.

Image Source – Samsung.com

However, no launch date, design or any other specifications are out about product as of now, we can’t guarantee when will it make it to the retailer store for purchase. We can only imagine what the watch might turn out looking like, as the whole concept sounds really intriguing and promising.