Google’s artificial intelligence is going to help everyone get paid. While the technology industry is a goldmine of employment, getting a job outside the IT industry can be a really tough task, especially if you’re looking for an entry-level job position.

Craigslist has decimated job search sections on newspapers which are used by job seekers, along with job portals like LinkedIn, Monster, etc which can help in establishing your career. The tech giant therefore has a partnership with Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and Facebook, to launch a Google portal for Jobs, which will be an AI powered job portal search engine that combines Google search, job boards, machine learning and applicant tracking, to help find the best job opportunities in your area. This search engine will also allow you to set alerts, which means if you can’t find a barista position today, Google will alert you whenever it surfaces.

You can experience this new job portal if you are amongst the 4.4 % of the unemployed population. Recently, Sundar Pichai; Google’s CEO played a demo which included a retail job search instead of IT developer jobs. This AI powered system allows Google to seek out information from multiple sources, which will list jobs like barista to a developer.

This announcement is a reminder to unemployed users that how smart phones have transformed the way of job search, you can find mobile application for every job search engine on Playstore. Google’s collaboration with these portals will only simplify the task. This will also include features like Google Assistant and Lens.