Last year, Samsung launched one of the world’s best affordable 360 cameras. However it’s reach was limited as it was only compatible with Samsung devices, which also seemed awkward to carry around. Now, the company is back with this large ball camera, with higher resolution, which offers easy accessibility.

The 2016 Gear 360, was a great rotatable camera, which came with a removable battery that allowed you capture the world for hours. Thanks to the launch of 2017 Gear 360, now you get the old version at a cheaper price in the market. Samsung tested out the product on Galaxy S8 launch on 29th March in New York City.

This new 360 Gear, is getting great reviews from hikers and fishers, and they felt that the 360 degree rotational coverage just gives a whole new definition to photography. The biggest difference between the two Gears is that the 2016 version was shaped like a big ball, where as 2017 version is a ball attached on a cylindrical body.

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The 2017 version is just an update of the old model; it comes with a 30MP and 15MP dual camera, features 2560 x 1440 resolution, which is backed by a removable battery of 1350 mAh. While 2016 360 Gear looked like a big robotic eye, this 2017 version will remind you of a Pixar movie character.