Siri might be about to have a major voice assistant competition with Alexa. With Amazon introducing Alexa to iOS devices, which will pretty much allow you to use Alexa just like Siri, Apple might be sensing some serious competition.

Amazon confirmed that its Shop app updated version will be added to iTunes App Store, on March 16th 2017. This update will allow the users to connect with Alexa, which can perform all ‘Echo line’ features of smart speakers.

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Alexa allows you to help shop, you can ask it to add to cart, stream music, weather reports, ask jokes, read kindle book audios etc. You can use Alexa app, for Alexa enabled applications and devices. It is still unclear, why Amazon launched Alexa with its shopping app and not as a separate app.

Alexa is gaining popularity as a voice assistant, in January this year Huawei revealed its plan to collaborate with Alexa in its flagship of Mate 9. Moreover, the number of features included in Alexa, which are estimated to be over 10,000 only help it earn more popularity. This being said, this is a very wise move made by Amazon.


Introducing Alexa on iOS can end up marking a trouble spot for Siri, which is considered less alluring than Alexa. Apple needs to up its game, in order to prevent Siri’s doom from Alexa. However Siri being the primary voice of iOS, will continue having edge over Alexa.