Digitimes from Taiwan has confirmed that Microsoft Surface Books have gone into production. According to Digitimes, the expected changes in Surface books will not only be design related, but also price related. Along with making changes to their traditional 2 in 1 format, Microsoft is also expected to make this one cheaper than its other Surface books. Its launch price is now expected to be around US$1,000.

The new Surface books are expected to be out by the end of March or start of April. According to reports from Digitimes, the prices of Surface books were the main restraint in their sales. Also the detachable design of these books was in conflict with Surface Book Pro.

Image Source – Microsoft.com

Now that the prices are expected to be reduced, there is an expected boost in the demand of the product as well. A 1.5 million jump in the number of units shipped across the world is expected this year. What should also be noted here is that; Surface books have long been one of those devices which on an average have been on discounts or other offers. In spite of which, there was not much demand for it. However, things are soon expected to change, once the plan translates into action.