Apple’s annual sales are expected to make over 250 Million unit sales by 2018, according to an AAPL analyst. Following a minor decline in its sales last year with 211 Million units, the company’s iPhone 8 seems to be a game changer for the company, which is anticipated to break its own selling record, as reported by MarketWatch.

According to Stifel’s equity research on Apple’s stock rating, the company has bumped up on its yearly price target which was to reach $150 from $130 for each share, which is currently valued at $142.44 for each share.

Stifel based its research on the target which is estimated to have been increased after the release of iPhone 8, which is going to be a sellout, given its demand. Morgan Stanley analysts have also predicted Apple’s per share target to reach $161 from $152.

One of their analyst Katy Huberty, stated that the increased sales of iPhone 7 Plus will only result in higher revenues, which will be included in the overall 2018 fiscal. They are expected see an increase of 12% in revenue, with a $10.26 hike in it’s per share price.