Recently in an interview, Facebook’s chief scientist Michael Abrash, predicted the future of smartphones; he believes they will be replaced by augmented reality glasses by 2022.

Abrash has a vision to create virtual reality glasses that look similar to regular glasses, stylish normal and lightweight. He envisions adapting all features of Google Glasses, with an up gradation that can help enhance wearer’s memory; providing instant language translations, mute nearby sounds or conversation, and even read body temperature of people with a glance.

He plans to impose super virtual information in the real world, with the help of augmented reality. However, significant research still needs to be made for the advances relating to science, display technology and optics, which could take more than 10 years.

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Michael stated that he is confident that the future generation, 20 to 30 years from today will be wearing glasses instead of carrying their stylish Smartphone’s.  These glasses will offer everything from VR to AR, and other features. He believes that it will take us a couple of more years to realize the full potential of AR. All the leading companies including Google, Microsoft, Magic Leap, and Snap are racing to create a potential AR glasses.