Google Home and Amazon Echo are making us wonder if their terrible commercial ideas are going to affect the promotion of their Voice Assistants?

Recently Google launched the first commercial of its Voice Assistant, named Home. The ad comprised of a guy with a Burger King polo and Hat who hacks through numerous Google Home speakers. The 15 second ad ends with the apology that Burger King could not add all the ingredients of ‘Whopper Sandwich’ in the commercial. Then he asks the Google voice assistant; Home, about the Whopper burger, which opens the entire Wikipedia page of Whopper, reading all its details.

While some viewers found the commercial entertaining, some found it straight up annoying and intrusive. However, despite the mixed reviews, the advertisement had reached over 3.8 million views on YouTube within a few days.

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Many critics expressed a negative take on the ads. The feature is definitely brilliant, but could have been presented better. Amazon and Google have to work on their promotion techniques to create a perfect ad that doesn’t mess with whole buzz of the new voice assistants. Google Home is also receiving complains of broadcasting annoying ads, sneaking movie trailers or other trending stuff, over user simple question of ‘What’s my day like?’. Industry Experts already predicted that these future ads will end up becoming the sponsored spot, which will be filled by product placements. People are actually ready to pay extra to get rid of these annoying sponsored commercials.