An educational program called “Be Internet Awesome” is to be launched by Google, for teaching kids, and creating awareness among them about phishing, internet harassment, passwords, and other internet safety issues. This program includes a classroom curriculum and a video game called ‘Interland’.

The main focus of the program would be on younger children, but it will tackle topics of all ages. The program focuses on generating knowledge on topics like limiting the personal information to be shared with people online, avoiding phishing attacks, creating strong passwords, and more.

“Be Internet Awesome Pledge” can be signed by students for learning about avoiding negative behavior online. The program includes a range of quizzes, role playing activities, and other abstract exercises for students. “Don’t Fall For Fake” feature helps to decide whether the web pages and email look real or fake. In “It’s Cool To Be Kind” feature children are made to avoid reacting or responding to negative messages.

To gain students’ interest in material activities, this program had been accompanied with a video game Interland which functions as a training tool. Though it is an effective method to teach students about the basic principles of internet use but it’s translation into real-world social media use can’t be forecasted.