Apple and Microsoft are in a battle to get their products to be more like the each other’s but taking a different route to get there. Apple with a new 10.5 inch ipad pro, and the new iOS 11 is building features that make its tablets work a lot more like Macs or windows PC’s. On the other hand there is Microsoft that has given serious competition to Mac with their surface lineup of touchscreen-enabled computers.

Both companies want to be the platform of choice for people trying to be creative, and in that race Microsoft is trying windows to operate more like apple iOS, while apple is trying iOS to work more like windows. Apple’s CEO pitched that big screen ipad pro is a replacement to laptops. Ipad faced problems in its functioning as a laptop because of its operating system which isn’t great for getting things done. With iOS 11 apple is trying to plug that gap. New features of iOS are reminiscent of windows 8.

Microsoft, meanwhile has launched a laptop-tablet hybrid, high-end laptop, an all-in-one PC and a student-targeted computer with its surface lineup, surface pro, surface book, surface studio and surface laptop. Microsoft is trying to make apple weaknesses its strength.

Apple’s app store has a larger selection than window’s store. Microsoft is trying to overcome this weakness by windows 10 new version of its operating system. Both the companies are trying to blur the lines between laptops and tablet.