Apple is finally free from all allegations by Chinese companies, of copying iPhone design from their smartphone market. In 2014, Apple was sued for patent infringement by Shenzen Baili, who filed a case in Beijing Intellectual Property Office. The case claimed that iPhone 6’s design was too similar to its 100C smartphone design. Apple would have had to alter all iPhone 6 in the country, if it wouldn’t have been granted a pending appeal injunction.

Fortunately, the law sided with Apple, clearing its name from all infringement charges. The Beijing court was able to find multiple distinct features in the devices. The court also said that there was no claim for the case on a legal basis.

This is definitely a major blow to Shenzen Baili and its parent company Digione, which was barely surviving in the mobile industry. Their case with Apple is now seen as an attempt for the company to make some financial salvation.

This marks significant victory for the company; however, Apple still remains a main target in China. Apple is also caught up in other cases, like iPhone trademark and Siri infringement. And how can we forget the never ending battles of their censorship issues. With ever growing competition in Chinese OEMs, Apple probably needs a firmer grip in the market, especially on its legal matters.